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About the Artist...

Abraham Aronovitch is a French painter born in 1953 in Casablanca, of a Romanian father and a Moroccan mother ...

No need to go further up the family tree to already reveal a creative base rich in ambivalent colors, cold and warm, which says a lot about the raw material that constitutes this artist.

Abraham began his career around ten years ago producing big size abstract works using a very unique technique . Some have called his artworks sculpted paintings, but he prefers to call them "living paintings".

Abraham Aronovicth- Artiste peintre contemporain

Nothing could have predicted this ophthalmologist, keen on art, to switch to the side of creation. In reality, Abraham sees a real continuity in it, as if after having spent his life restoring sight to people, it became urgent for him to also show them and offer his vision of the world around him, that includes both its darkness and its light as hope is inherent in the need for tomorrow.

Following his success at the contemporary Art Fairs ''Art en Capital'', at the Grand Palais in Paris, and Mac Paris, Abraham Aronovitch realizes that if he truly wants to establish a “Dialogue with the Universe ”, the title given to his first series, it is in the concrete reality of the world that he must act…

And it was then that he decided to get inspirations elsewhere, by setting out to meet different populations and cultures, in Africa and Asia, which would later inspire all his works about freedom, war, inequalities between peoples and the duty to remember ...

In 2018, once his professional obligations were done, he returned to his passion to which he devotes all of his time :painting.

From then on, Abraham Aronovitch decided to exclusively compose on a canvas frame, in which he found a real field of freedom ... To those who expect from an artist to have a style, a technique and a subject, he answers that his only obsession lies in his desire to translate a moving reality, a reflection of energy which surpasses us, and makes our future worth to be waited for.

The sense, the "why" of history, the idea that nothing happens randomly, are only possible if we look at yesterday, today and the potential of tomorrow, as anchors in a more global perspective, that goes beyond the limiting contours of the "I", as  it goes beyond this flat and rectangular canvas, and is inscribed in a world and an environment which has nothing fixed, except , by the state of the soul of the one who perceives it. 

His work is a panoramic view that opens up and rediscover each other endlessly, following one after the other but not identically.

Finally, his paw is to show in his paintings, sometimes, a reality in the making, beautiful and full of promises, and sometimes, an obscure and insane reality. In this, the artist leaves his viewer free to adapt his gaze to the work according to his state of mind, his mood of the moment, and thus gives life to his creation.

Other writings on the Artist:

2020, text (ENG) by Leïla Simon, Art Critic: "The Blue Hour''

2012, text (FR) by Francesca Biagi-Chai, written for his participation to ''Art en Capital'': "Un Art qui pro-voque"

The Artist Studio is located in PARIS, near the Marais Art Galleries and close to the Pompidou Center.

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